Who is #sdrstuff for?

If you are in sales development, this is for you! Recognize your team’s daily achievements and the big wins with the gift of free swag.

What’s a Wishlist?

Let us know what free swag inspires you.
We will do our best to fulfill your wishlist, but we cannot guarantee your full order. See T&C’s for how we handle wishlists.

How to get your #sdrstuff

Step 1:

Create a wishlist and order

Step 2:

We ship directly to you

Step 3:

Brag about your swag with hashtag #sdrstuff

Our Chief and Founder AIML uses discretion on all shipments in order to share the fun stock of swag with the greater sales community.

We strive to fulfill every order, but that’s not always
possible due to stock, delivery, etc.

That’s why we call it a wishlist!

Everything you wanted to ask

No, you don’t! Any sales dev pro can order

Sure! Sales dev leaders can order for their team members; SDRs can order for themselves

We ship to North America & Israel at the moment. Are you working remotely for a North American or Israeli company? Try us!

Tell us more by dropping a line to swag@sdrstuff.com or suggest swag

To make sales dev people happy and to add positive energy to your challenging job

#sdrstuff is geared towards sales professionals; however, if you are not in sales just let us know your motivation for ordering free swag

The sky’s the limit, but let’s try to be reasonable. Can you justify your loyalty to #sdrstuff?